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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Better Late than never....

So I figured while it was still January I could squeeze in a post about my Christmas crafts. I made a few things in December, so here are some pics:) This is a little Christmas outfit for Rylie. I almost hesitate to make holiday specific outfits (although I almost always cave and do it anyway) because of the scarcity of their shelf life. I mean, she may have gotten 4 wears out of this at best. Nevertheless, it is fun to do and my dear friend Dawn came up with this super cute and easy skirt pattern, so I grabbed some cute fabrics and stiched away!
These are a few window displays I did for a local children's store. I decopaged the letters and hung them with ribbons from frames that I painted and distressed. I had ornaments and lights and lots of other fun stuff too!
This is a chalkboard I got at a thrift store and painted. I used my trusty hot glue gun and glued on moss, ribbon and ornaments and wrote this quote that I just love. Now if I could just work on my handwriting....
These are some super cute snowman cookies made from nutter butters...thank you Pinterest!! We took these to Rylie's preschool...
And lastly, my little mini-me modeling her 5th birthday outfit. I make the kids one for each birthday, and I must say it feels good that they can actually get a year's wear out of it! Rylie chose the kitty cat theme for this year's party, so she wanted an outfit to match. And yes, it is January and her birthday was in November! Thus the post title... :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mike & Cyndi's Wedding

This was the wedding my mom and I did for her youngest brother (my uncle) Mike, and his dear bride Cyndi. We had a limited budget so we had to get creative! Our super talented friend Theresa did the catering and my Aunt Kristie made the cake herself! My mom adn I actually bought all the flowers and I made the arrangements and bouquets the morning of the wedding! Holy Time Crunch Batman! I made the little moss "S" and it hung behind the cake table and Cyndi loves purple, so we added splashes here and there. Lots of lights, candles, greenery and lanterns and voila! I also made the framed initials with my trusty cricut machine and printed song lyrics from one of their favorite songs as the backdrop. This makes a great gift/memento! We also decorated the windows and the front of the sanctuary with candles and greenery that I cut from the woods beside my parents home! Simple elegance:) P.S. 9:00 am the day aftet the wedding I became VIOLENTLY ill with a stomach bug....thank you, God, for not letting this happen the day of the wedding:)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why can't I post to my blog?

O.K....I seriously need some help. This has been going on since bfore Christmas. I think Blogger is trying to break up with me. Maybe I am just paranoid, but I can't get anything to post (picture-wise) when I try to upload it gives me an error message and won't post my pics! HELP! I need one of you internet savvy peeps to give me some advice...let's face it, I am technologically challenged! ~Emily