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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cohen's Birthday Invitation

I can't believe my baby is already turning 3!! We are planning a race car party because he is soooo into cars of any type right now. Here is his invitation...I would love to take all the credit, but I adapted it from an idea I saw on Pinterest:) NOw I must go prepare for the party! I will post pics after the party....

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grand Opening of our booth atUniversity Pickers!!

It is finally here! The Grand Opening of University Pickers Antique Store was last Saturday and this is a few pictures of our booth! My friend Dawn and I have a business called She Sells Details and we do lots of crafty things for the home and for children. Our friend Allison at Vintage Charm and Restoration (the fabulous painted furniture you see pictured here) asked us to join her in her booth and accessorize! We have had so much fun and there are so many talented vendors there! The owners are the sweetest couple...stop by if you are in the Huntsville area!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chevron Chair cushions made from fabric scraps

I have had this little table and chair set for quite some time....Rylie is 6 and Cohen is 2. Needless to say, I bought it before we had our son, so it is still pink. I hope to get around to painting it soon with my fabulous chalk paint;) In the meantime, the metal chairs were not always the comfy-est, so my wee-ones resorted to plucking the decorative throw pillows off my living room furniture and sitting on them at breakfast. To save the pillows from syrup and milk stains, I raided my craft closet and found that I had just enough fabric left from my little man's curtains to create the chevron cushions and used scraps for the bird and the way, this chevron fabric can be found at Hobby Lobby and I am loving it in every color!

This one is for my little man....I will have to get around to painting the chairs something other than pink, but for now he hasn't noticed.... My 6 year old daughter told me I should do a tree stump, so she inspired this. She is turning out to be quite the little creative crafter:)

Her cushion.....A sweet little bird on a limb. I kind of cut off part of the picture...I used 4 different ribbons as the chair ties. I am not a seamstress, so if I can do this YOU can! Just sketch your shapes out and cut around them...wing it! It is not supposed to be perfect:) Copy these if you want! Pin your pieces on or use the iron on stuff sold by the yard at HL to hold in place as you sew. Measure your seat and add about an inch on each side when you cut your squares for the cushions....."Sew" easy! Have a great day! I am off to wrap gifts....

~Luke 2:11

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A cool new bed!

My husband is the bomb. We were perusing Pinterest and ran across a pin for an amazing Pottery Barn bed may know the one. The Eli Fort bed $$$$....enough said. Super cool, but not a super cool price. I kept looking and we found this.....

AAAAA-MAZING! This super cool lady posted a knock-off version of this bed AND a link to the plans to make it!! My dear hubby casually said "print the plans" so I did and just two days later it was finished!! I couldn't believe it! Thanks, Ana White, for your awesome plans! And to Jaime at That's my guys are great for sharing:) My kids thank you!

I have to brag on my man, too....he worked hard and made this a girly version of the fort for our little princess! I made the sign out of an old cabinet door and wrote a line from "guess How Much I Love You?" because that is one of our family's favorite bedtime books:)

Monday, June 18, 2012

A Bug themed 2nd Birthday!

We decided on a bug theme for Cohen's 2nd birthday. It was a really fun party and easy to plan! This is a shot of the sugar cookies that have become a family tradition at birthdays around here:) They always match the theme....I have accumulated quite a few cookie cutters over the years, so in between parties they are often used by the kiddos to make "cookies" out of playdough! These are grasshoppers...

"Centipede" grape skewers....
More sugar cookies...butterflies, snails, and grasshoppers. I got the bags at hobby lobby and tied them up with raffia:) Twine would also be cute....
Table setting.....a few nets and bugs from the dollar store...hotdogs coming up!
I made this bug shirt with fabric scraps and button eyes and a little ric-rac...
Drink station included "beetle juice" for the kids...(juice boxes)
Dirt cupcakes with gummy worms....plastic bugs decorated the tables....
Digging for real worms.....the shovels and rakes came from the dollar store and the worms from Walmart! We filled a wheelbarrow with dirt and the kids had a blast digging!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar! (I saw this on pinterest and had to use it!)

I used my cricut to cut the letters for the "bug spray" bottles....really just some dollar store bottle filled with water. The kids wore antennae headbands that I made with pipe cleaners and plastic headbands and they were the "bugs". They had a blast spraying each other!

Some of the little "bugs".....hope this inspires some fun "bug" parties out there for your little buggies!! Thanks for checking out my blog:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Upcycled Chandalier and other fleamarket finds...

I am not sure why, but I just love this little picture. I picked it up at a thrift store the other day because it just kept calling my name:) I think I am going to work it in to a gallery wall for our master bedroom...we shall see:)

Speaking of the Master...this is an updated pic. I got this good ol' brass chandelier for free (holla!) and I painted it with several shades of off white and ecru. I picked up the greenery 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby and voila! A new light fixture for literally a couple of dollars! The mirror by our bed was a hand me down that I painted and then I added an old book (I tore the hard cover off because I liked the way it looked) and added a printed burlap covered vase with a few flowers ( $2 for the vase at HL, $2 for the flowers at Walmart). on a dime:)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." ~John 15:13

Happy Valentines Day! If you are a Pinterest junkie like me, then you may have seen a version of this cutie floating around, only it had a small white pumpkin where I have a nest and a beaded red heart. I also added the mini bunting, because I love buntings! Here is what you will need to make this:

-One medium sized grapevine wreath (about $4.00 at Hobby Lobby, but these go 1/2 off all the time) -One bag of Spanish moss (I liked the bright green for this project, also purchased at 50% off)
-One birds nest (they come in a pack of 2 at HL, so you will have more for another spring project:)
-One beaded red heart ornament (30% off in Valentine section)
-red ric rac (.99 in scrapbook section, also 50% off...ok you get the picture....I like 50% off)
-scrap red and white polka dot fabric -old book page -burlap -hot glue and gun

Just take your wreath and work in small sections, applying the hot glue and then adding a bunch of the Spanish moss. Don't be stingy with the goes a long way. Also, this will make an EPIC mess, so be forewarned:) After covering most of the front with moss ( I skipped the back) hot glue your nest to the inside bottom of the wreath, or secure it with floral wire. Then I hot glued the ornament inside the nest. Almost done! Take your book page (mine is in German, so I am not even sure what it says!) and your burlap and your red and white fabric and cut little flags, all the same size. You will then break out the sewing machine and stitch the little flags to your ric-rac, making a cute little tiny mini bunting! If you don't have a machine, you can always hot glue. Attach this to your wreath and hang it for all to see:) You can tie ribbon or burlap around the top if you like, to hang it with. I just used what I had. Tip: If you have a spray topcoat lying around, go over the wreath a couple of times. This will help with shedding. It is fine without too. You may just have to pick up the occasional moss:)

Thanks for viewing my blog. It is just a little creative outlet for this stay at home mom. After last week's sermon at LG, I just wanted to make sure I had the right motivation for doing things....I hope I don't sound like I am bragging on this blog. The only reason I have an ounce of creativity is because that is the way the Father created me and I just want to share ideas with you sweet friends:) And with that I wish you a Happy Valentines Day and a verse that was on my heart today. Thank you Jesus for loving us:)

"Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." ~John 15:13

Below are some super adorable Valentines Rylie will be passing out at pre-school. I just have to add the lollipops (it will look like she is holding a giant one). Big thanks to my BFF Dawn for her Illustrator skills in creating these...again, thank you Pinterest for your inspiration:) I may have a slight addiction....