Carrot Stew

Monday, October 18, 2010

Need a personalized gift?

Custom painted knobs

Canvases (to match bedding)

scripture art

shirts (Fall design, will also have Christmas)

I am in the process of creating one-of-a kind gifts for the upcoming holidays...if you are interested in anything, let me know! I will post a few of my recent creations and I can customize anything to your liking....just getting started so bear with me as I post!

Yummy Feta Chicken Salad

So it was one of those busy "stay at home mom" days where you realize it is 2:00 and your children have long since had lunch, but that rumbling in your tummy suggests that you forgot to feed yourself! I raided the fridge for a quick lunch and found a cooked chicken breast left over from a casserole that I only needed part of the chicken breasts for and several containers of feta cheese...(.67 cents each with last week's coupons!). What to make? Voila! This new "greek" chicken salad was born!

You will need: cubed, cooked chicken
feta cheese
celery seed
salt and pepper
fresh tomato, diced

**Combine all ingredients, using each item to your taste (I like alot of chicken and Feta, medium amount of mayo, sparingly on the celery seed and tomato and just a pich of salt and pepper!) Serve on toasted bread or with crackers! Yum! Next time I may add olives......