Carrot Stew

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Country Living Fair, Stone Mountain GA

When my dear husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, my immediate response was "tickets to the Country Living Fair in Atlanta!". I wanted to go last year, but with a 5 month old it wasn't really feasible for us. Was it everything I had hoped? Oh...I will let you be the judge. Feast your eyes, fellow crafters, DIY-ers and flea market junkies! It is like the mother ship! HAHA! I loved it and will be back next year. Pretty sure my man gets husband of the year for taking me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Breanna's Bedroom Makeover

My niece Breanna will soon be 13, so her one request was that we would revamp her "little girlish" bedroom into an older look. I regret that I don't have the before pics of her teal and purple walls with pink, purple and white over sized polka dots (it was cute for a 5 year old!)Hopefully you can still appreciate the dramatic transformation!

She picked this bedspread,so we used it to inspire the rest of the room. I had one wall painted "Kimono Purple" by Sherwin Williams, two walls in a Steely Gray, and one was a cream color that I can't remember off the top of my head. I free handed zebra stripes with black paint on one wall...(note to self...NEVER agree to do that again...took forever!!) I took my sister accessory shopping, and we got a rug, trash can and various wall art to add to the mix. I had a side table in my garage that a friend of mine was getting rid of, and the purple lamp I discovered at a thrift store.

This photo collage frame reminded me of something from Anthro, so we got it and went by Hobby Lobby and found some cool scrapbook papers to create instant customized wall art. She can add pics later if she wants.

I painted the side table the same gray as two of the walls, we got the lamp shade from Lowe's, and hung some funky black mirrors on one wall, which will be hung from zebra ribbons as soon as we can get to it! We will also do draperies, but hand-painting that zebra wall took me most of the day, so I ran out of time before we could get to those. I mixed some glitter into the black paint to give the stripes a little kick, and even put zebra scrapbook paper on the back of her pet snake Liz's aquarium. We rounded up all those loose bath and body works items with a cute purple tray and rounded out the room with a full length mirror, a must for all teen girls, of course. Too bad I didn't get her life sized "Jacob Black" cut-out in the pic, for all you Twilight fans!! Love you, Bree!